Paper Sculpture Technology

img_0222Instrumentalism– Creating art that’s meant to make people aware of social problems.

The artworks is a 3D paper sculpture meant to make people aware that kids are spending too much time on technology today. It has a kid sitting in a looking at a computer. The room also has a trash can stuffed with food such as Cheetos. Through the window you can see another kid running outside and playing soccer. Kids and adults need to go outside more. I used form to build the computer and chair more realistically. The artwork uses emphasis as the words pop out at the viewers. The meaning of the artwork is for people to think about how much time do they spend on technology. Hopefully, viewers will take this chance to go outside and loosen their body up a bit. There are many benefits to being active and my artwork is to help inspire them. The artwork was a big success for me. It turned out better than I though and I could get a lot done. Building the computer and chair was hard, but everything looks like what they are.





img_0161The Shadowbox depicts the scene when Harry Potter fights Voldemort. The background is the Hogwarts school with the 4 houses on top. The middle shows a crowd of students cheering Harry on as he fights. The front layer is both Voldemort and Harry Potter with their wands out. I used Form to build layers to make the scene 3D. I used a lot of shapes to make the Hogwarts building. The shadowbox put emphasis on the front layer as it pops out the most to viewers. The meaning of the artwork was to make the scene alive with paper. Even for people who don’t know Harry Potter they can understand more with the elements out in the shadowbox. I think the artwork was a great and it depicts the scene successfully because the artwork is recognizable through the small cuts. It looks good on the front, but the back could have been glued down more neatly.

Paper House Critique

imageThe base is the house is made of two rectangles of paper, one for the house, and one for the driveway. The paper house is quite big and has two glued on windows with a cutout door. There is also a triangular roof with a chimney. The driveway includes a basketball hoop with a ball and a paper small pine tree. I used form to make my house pop up and have a 3-D shape. I also used unity to combine all the objects I have at home into a paper sculpture that fit together nicely. There is balance on the front with two windows and a door in the middle. The texture of the paper is very smooth. When all of the elements were combined the paper sculpture makes a realistic model of my house. This artwork represents my home and the house that I see everyday when I come home from school. Paper helped this sculpture pop out and actually look like a house. The paper model shows me a miniature version of my house that is made of paper and glue, so it is stable and safe to touch. I did good on making the house 3-D and representing what it looks like. I added good details to make the house more accurate. I had problems on covering the hole from the sides of the roof and glueing on the chimney. Some places needed better glueing and the tree needed a way to stand. Overall I think this projects was a success.

About Me

imageI’m a Freshman at Noblesville High School. I enjoy joining the track team and running with my friends. In my free time I enjoy playing video games such as Pokemon or the Final Fantasy games. My favorite Final Fantasy game is the 6th. I play both on my Nintendo consoles and on my IPad. Instead, of watching movies I love to watch anime. Some foods I really like are ice cream, Takis chips, and tuna sandwiches at SubWay. I prefer drinking Vanilla Soymilk compared against regular milk.