Clay Whistle

In my newest project I had to build something sculptural into the clay whistle. I transformed my clay whistle into a campfire because I like to go camping with may family and Fire is my favorite element in many games. I think this project was more difficult than the pinch bowl because this time we had to make something that functioned and if the hole or slant was off by a bit, it might have not worked. I enjoyed the whistle project more than the pinch pot because even though it was hard having something functional like a whistle was cool. A challenge I found was doing the wood designs. This was not surprising, even though I had a reference I couldn’t do it, so I made my own so it could be more unique. Finally, before it is finished I will add some colored glaze. Orange and red for the Fire and brown for the logs.IMG_0438


Clay Pinch Bowl

I built this project out of clay using the pinch method to shape the bowl. I then used sgrafitto to create the skull design. The bowl has a design of a skull in the front and two crossed bones in the back. There is also a star stamp seal near the bottom. I think what was successful with the bowl was that the glaze didn’t shave any major problems and the sgrafitto came out better than I thought. If I could redo this project I would try to shape the project into a more bowl shape before it dries out.IMG_0412