Beatrice Coron


Beatrice Coron is a paper cutting artist. She creates art by cutting paper, leaving silhouettes. She gets her inspiration from the things she reads, hears, or sees. This allows her artwork to shaped into a story. What I found most interesting is how passionate and creative she is with her work. She uses multiple images formed from her mind to create an artwork that has so many things going on, the viewers can create a story for the artwork their self. With this TED talk I think she was trying to share how she gets ideas from her artwork and that they represent stories to ponder about. For example, she once created an artwork that had fire fighters running in the same direction to help people, but also showing that they could go in all directions to help everybody. I think she was successful in conveying her message as her artwork was very detailed. This wouldn’t have worked in a magazine because her passion brought out the shine in her artwork and having Beatrice speaking allows her to explain to the fullest detail what went on in her mind.



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